Gender Matters: Optimize your communication strategy for men and women

The Brief
When it comes to communication strategy, one size does not fit all. Men and women might not literally come from different planets, but studies show that there are key differences in donor behavior across genders. Understanding these differences can help you get the most from your donor communication strategy while avoiding unnecessary waste. Here are two ways to target your marketing for maximum impact with men and women.

1.     Reel in the guys via competitive helping

It may sound like a tired stereotype, and it’s not a blanket truth, but overall, studies suggest that men are more motivated by competition than women are, and that includes competitive helping. You’ve likely seen this behavior before: men quarreling over who has the honor of picking up the check from a group outing, or throwing down dueling tips at the bar.

Nonprofits, take note: by indirectly encouraging competition among your male prospects and donors, you can dramatically boost engagement, and that means bigger gifts and increased loyalty.

You don’t need to stage a tournament to encourage philanthropic sparring. Publicly recognize your donors, and their competitive peers will take note. 

2.     Connect with women on social media

Marketers have known for years that the key to a woman’s wallet is through her social media profile. Women are heavy users of social networking sites, and engage with brands over social more often than men do. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram are all teeming with women who are actually seeking out connections with organizations. Talk about an attentive audience.

Unfortunately, many nonprofits still use their social media profiles as news tickers, simply giving updates and information without really engaging their audience. It’s time to stop talking at your Twitter followers and start having conversations with them, especially the women. Hosting Twitter chats and creating shareable infographics might seem like a hassle, especially if resources are already stretched thing, but the potential benefits far outweigh the costs.

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  1. Some nonprofits don’t publicise their big donors for fear that smaller donors will feel like their contributions don’t matter and may stop giving. Is this fear unfounded?

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