From Salesforce to Tesla: Power plays in the tech sector

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Salesforce Future

1. Cult of CEO Personality 

Some argue that no one person can determine the fate of an enterprise. Others point to Ron Miller, the tantrum-throwing CEO of Disney in the 1970s. So volcanic was Miller that his team eventually was too terrified to bring new ideas to him. And Disney suffered. So, just how powerful is personality in the C-suite?

2. Marc Benioff’s Decision. 

The $49-billion software company and lion’s-share owner of the cloud-based services market is reportedly seeking an acquirer. If successful, any such deal would be the largest acquisition of a software company–ever. Question is, will rivals Oracle and Microsoft face off in a bid for Salesforce’s sweet, sweet market share?

Our other burning questions:

3. Getting along with your board.  

How many times have your board and your executive team been like ships passing in the night, or worse, clashed head on? Isn’t this supposed to be a win-win relationship? Well, sure, but you’re going to have to put in some work before your board and management can fall into step with each other. Start by establishing a collective vision.

4. How to be Elon Musk. 

Well, first, be lucky enough to stumble onto Quora as his ex-wife, Justine Musk, is answering this very question.

5. Speaking of Elon Musk… 

His electric car company is poised to become something more. Last week, Elon Musk announced the company’s new home battery offering, as well as a large utility battery–both designed to store solar power and/or act as a back-up during blackout periods. But is this really the game changer the energy nerds insist it is?

Our other burning questions:


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