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Connections across Industries
When an organization’s founders have been committed to a cause for over 30 years, the result is an incredibly well-developed network of support. The challenge? How to maintain that institutional knowledge and use the strategic partnerships for maximum impact.
The Top 5 Challenge
“I want to end the silence in board meetings,” said Gary Laermer, Chief Development Officer at the Y of Greater NY. Find out what he’s filled the silence with to keep his donor pool evergreen.
The Third Eye
Changing Our World, a national nonprofit consultancy, wanted to quickly target the low hanging fruit to close in on deals faster than ever before. Here’s how relationship intelligence has helped them bring in new prospects.


Real Estate
C-Suite’s relationship capital helps close multimillion dollar deal
“One of our business development heads was trying to close on an $800M deal with a developer, but we needed to gain access to the Private Equity firm that owns the developer to solidify the deal. We looked up the PE firm in RelSci, and right away saw that our CEO had numerous paths into the head of the firm, including both a professional path and a path through a board he sits on. Our CEO got in touch with the PE firm, and we closed the deal.”
bathroom break gives conference networkers their edge
“Whenever I am at conferences, networking events, dinners, etc., and I meet someone, I will ‘run to the bathroom’, pull out my iPhone, and look up the person or people I’ve just met to get background details and even look for potential people we both may know. I then return to the conversation armed with this information and can subtly drop names and weave in data points to make the conversation that much warmer. Already, I have witnessed a big increase in the effect of my networking at my events.”
Familial ties move business forward
“I successfully closed a deal a few weeks ago once I learned my brother-in-law sat on the board of a company I needed an introduction to. I never would have known!”
Hidden connections help bring in $100K in donations
“Now, we know who to call. Some of our existing partners have connections to one another and to other people we have been trying to get to that we never even knew about. RelSci has helped us bring in $100k in donations.”
Wealth Management
Real-time alerts restart client engagements
“I reached out to an old client after receiving a RelSci email alert. We began talking again and I actually opened another business deal with them all because of the RelSci alert!”
RelSci morning brief helps a lawyer just in time
“I have been trying to get in front of a specific person at a company we want to do audit work for, so we looked at my organization’s connections to him. Turns out one of my colleagues has a relationship with someone who has a direct connection to this person. It’s the best lead I’ve gotten so far.”
Private Equity
The more efficient way to source deals
“We’ve found RelSci to be extremely helpful for reaching people. The paths help us find ways to approach companies, and the data is very complete compared to other research sources we use. It’s made the way we deal source more efficient.”
Relationship Capital helps catch big fish
“One of my colleagues has already booked 2 high-level meetings by using RelSci, and we’re just starting our pilot. It’s really exciting feedback that we’ll use to introduce RelSci internally.”
A search more powerful than Google
“The background information the platform has on people has been invaluable to me. Before I would have to do 20 Google searches to put something together. What you guys have brings together everything into one place for me.”