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1. Forward this to your CMO

They say content is king. It’s also a hell of a lot of work. As such, the role of CMO seems to get more and more complex with every passing year and every new social media platform. But there is one way any CMO can stay ahead of each change: by surrounding him or her self with these three key groups.

2. The seven Cs of complex change
#OrgCulture #DecisionMaking

Sure, it’s scary, but a big change, whether personal or professional, doesn’t have to turn your entire world upside down. Here are seven steps to nailing any transition, and to make it easy on you, they all start with the same letter.

3. Is it a vocation, or just a job?

Miya Tokumitsu, author of Do What You Love and Other Lies About Success and Happiness, thinks we need to stop worrying about whether or not we find great fulfillment in our work. Tokumitsu sat down with The Atlantic for a conversation on work myths, corporate culture and why it’s okay to not love your job.

4. Networking isn’t dirty. You’re just doing it wrong.

When done right, networking can bring immense value to all parties involved. A diverse relationship capital pool helps you add new perspectives, resources, and of course, happy hour opportunities. If networking feels dirty, it may be time to take a look at your motivations instead of the practice.

5. “Think like a man?”

Think again. Corporate women are often told to play like the guys—negotiate harder, compete more and toughen up. Research tells another story. Barbara Annis, founder of the Gender Intelligence Group, sat down with The Atlantic to talk about her experiences in corporate bro-culture—and her vision for a new, gender-intelligent paradigm.

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