Female Power Networkers of 2014

The Brief
When Business Insider released its list of “7 Powerful Women To Watch In 2014” this year, we were struck by the way these female leaders crossed sectors and industries to create innovative products and solutions (and in some cases, social change). Such work can’t be done without leveraging one’s network, and we had a hunch these women were utilizing their relationship capital pretty effectively. So we dug into our data to find out just who they know who might be helping them make such big waves. 

1. Michele Weslander Quaid


Innovation evangelist and CTO, Public Sector Division, Google Inc. Notable connections:

  1. Andrew C. Taylor, Executive Chairman at Enterprise Holdings, Inc.
  2. George H. W. Bush, Former President of the United States
  3. John A. Lockard, Former CEO at Boeing Defense, Space & Security


2. Rana el Kaliouby


Founder, Affectiva, scalable facial recognition technology for market researchNotable connections: 

  1. Al Gore, Former Vice President
  2. Frank J. Caufield, Sr., Co-Founder at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers LLC
  3. Jeffrey Krentz, Director of Corporate Development & Strategy at Kantar Group Ltd.

3.  Nina Nashif


Founder, Healthbox, a business-accelerator platform for early-stage healthcare-technology startupsNotable connections: 

  1. Ellen Marie Hancock, Chairman, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee, Aetna, Inc.
  2. John Shepard Reed, Former Co-CEO at Citigroup, Inc.
  3. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor at Harvard University – HBS

4. Leila Janah


Founder, Samasource, a social business that creates living wage jobs for women and youths in emerging marketsNotable connections: 

  1. Alexander B. Cummings, Jr., Executive VP, the Coca-Cola Company
  2. Joanne K. Bradford, Head Partnerships, Pinterest
  3. Michael E. Brown, Director Corporate Development, Twitter


5. Michelle Rowley


Executive Director and Founder, Code Scouts, a nonprofit that aims to empower women to be software developersNotable connections: 

  1. Jacob Pechenik, Dreamit Ventures, LLC
  2. Joseph D. Juliano, President and CEO, IQNavigator, Inc.
  3. Robert K. Kramer, Former VP Primerevenue, Inc.

6. Nicole Glaros


Managing Director, Techstars Central LLC, a Boulder, CO-based acceleratorNotable connections: 

  1. Ed Anderson, Global CIO World Vision International, Inc.
  2. Eric Hkerpe, Fund Advisor, Techstars
  3. Rich Minor, General Partner, Google Ventures

7. Caryn Seidman-Becker


Chairman and CEO, Clear LLC, a membership program that gives you a fast-pass through airport securityNotable connections: 

  1. Gregg Brockway, Co-founder Hotwire, Inc.
  2. Marc E. Becker, Senior Partner, Apollo Global Management LLC
  3. Paul T. Cappuccio, Executive VP & General Counsel, Time Warner, Inc.

RelSci is a technology solutions company that helps create competitive advantage through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. 

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