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1. Click to donate. 

Facebook has formally expanded its “Donate Now” function from a small group of pilot brands to every ad and brand page organized by a nonprofit. Now, social media posts will have a quick and easy button that converts Facebook likes directly into donations. It sounds too good to be true—and, according to some, it just might be.

2. Are you a leader?

As anyone who’s had a bad boss can tell you, seniority and leadership are not the same thing. Being a leader isn’t tied to your pay grade or whether or not you have a corner office. It’s tied to basic, core questions about how you do what you do.

3. 6 ways to ask for help…and get it. 

Regardless of your title, chances are you still need to persuade people to help you out from time to time. It’s a fraught area for most, but there are strategies you can use, based in behavioral science, that will make the ask a lot easier and increase your chances of getting a “yes.” And per usual, it all comes down to timing.

4. Tales from a newbie board member. 

It might be hard to imagine, but there was a time, long ago, when your venerable board members were themselves new to the world of nonprofit governance. And they might have experienced something akin to what this unfortunate neophyte did. So the next time one of yours misses a vote or can’t make an engagement, maybe try to cut him some slack, eh?

5. “Think like a man?”

Think again. Corporate women are often told to play like the guys—negotiate harder, compete more and toughen up. Research tells another story. Barbara Annis, founder of the Gender Intelligence Group, sat down with The Atlantic to talk about her experiences in professional bro-culture—and her vision for a new, gender-intelligent paradigm

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