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1. Adapt to survive.

Since the days of Darwin (and in many, many studies since those days) we’ve known adaptability is critical to success. But how does one actually become an adaptive thinker? Turns out, it all boils down to these three behaviors.

2. Lessons from Sweet Briar. 

Running an organization dependent upon the charitable proclivities of others means making tough decisions, over and over again. Here’s what Saving Sweet Briar, an initiative to keep Sweet Briar College open in the face of dire financial straits, can teach all of us about managing crisis.

3Men are from Mars, women are from… 

Just kidding. Men and women might not literally come from different planets, but studies show that there are key differences in donor behavior across genders. Understanding these differences can help you get the most from your donor communication strategy.

4. You, too, can enjoy your workday.

With science! This combination of brain chemistry tips, sleep suggestions, decision-making charts and (of course) nifty apps will have you lifehacking your workday in no time. You’re welcome.

5. People with money want to give it away. 

And only 15 percent do it for the tax write-off. A recent survey found that most wealthy people want to “give back,” for a variety of reasons. How can you leverage their motivation in your fundraising initiatives?

RelSci provides a relationship capital platform that helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. RelSci’s nonprofit clients use the platform’s profiles and relationship mapping tools to transform fundraising and donor acquisition strategy.

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