5 Ways to Leverage RelSci’s B2B Contact Database for Direct Outreach

In March of 2018, RelSci integrated business contact data into our platform. Subscribers at all subscription tiers can now purchase contact data credits, enabling them to reach out directly when a warm introduction to a prospect isn’t available. Since March, we’ve enhanced our contact data offering in response to client feedback. We’ve also used the tool ourselves – we’re strong believers in testing out new products on our own business development team to see what works and what doesn’t. Today, we’ll discuss five ways to use RelSci’s enhanced B2B contact database to connect with potential customers.

Create a Highly Targeted Prospect List

Cold outreach gets a bad reputation, but it has its place when you’re trying to connect with prospects outside of your current network. To make your outreach more valuable to those who receive it, you need a relevant prospect list. By targeting the right individuals, you’ll decrease the likelihood that your email will be treated as spam and increase the likelihood of a positive response. RelSci’s B2B contact database helps you find the perfect audience for your outreach. We offer two tools for generating highly targeted prospect lists: Power Search and Contact Data Search.

Power Search

Use Power Search to filter on criteria unavailable in any other business contact database. Power Search includes over 50 search fields, including career and board information, location, education, donation activity, compensation, and more.

For example, imagine that you run a group for young alumni of California schools, and are looking for speakers for your next event. This event will feature technology CEOs, and you are looking to recruit several more speakers to round out your list.

b2b contact database - prospect list generated using power search
Generate a targeted prospect list with Power Search, which offers over 50 search filters.

Use Power Search to create this list, then generate a report and include Contact Data. You will be left with a highly targeted list of potential speakers to invite to the event.

b2b contact database- power search report with contact data export
Include contact data when exporting a Power Search report to develop your prospect list.

A similar approach works for any sales or marketing outreach. Power Search reports export to .csv files for easy upload into a CRM or marketing outreach platform.

Contact Data Search

Use Contact Data Search to access a supplemental B2B contact database of over 20 million records. This database includes junior and mid-level individuals not profiled in RelSci, and incorporates filters for company, role, industry, and location. Contact Data Search integrates with RelSci’s List functionality, enabling users to target specific titles at prospect companies.

For example, imagine that you sell security software, and you are looking to expand your reach into Fortune 1000 companies. You have crafted some targeted email outreach and are looking to identify IT leadership who would find your message compelling. In Contact Data Search, you can add your list and target titles as filters to generate a set of prospects.

b2b contact database - contact data search tool
Contact Data Search accesses a supplemental database of 20 million contact records. Combine role filters with a list of target companies to find the right decision makers.

Select a set of individuals to unlock their contact data, or unlock all records with a single click. As with Power Search, the results of Contact Data Search can be exported to a .csv file.

Reach Out to a Specific Prospect

The RelSci platform includes profiles of over 8 million people, and approximately one third now have professional contact data integrated. If when researching a prospect you discover that no warm introduction is available, consider unlocking contact data so that you can reach out directly.

B2B contact database - individual profile contact data
Unlocking contact data on an individual’s RelSci profile enables you to reach out directly when no warm introduction is available.

RelSci profiles display contact data information alongside pathing information. This enables you to evaluate whether direct outreach or a warm introduction is most appropriate for any particular case. The platform also filters out contact information associated with any prior places of employment, ensuring that you are working with the latest information available.

Reconnect with a Contact Who Has Changed Jobs

Contact data isn’t just useful for reaching out to new people. Sometimes, one of your favorite clients or top prospects changes firms, and you are not sure how to reconnect with them. Combine RelSci 360° Alerts and our B2B contact database to secure new business when a client changes jobs.

b2b contact database - job change alert
Monitor news on your contacts to learn when they change jobs. Then use contact data to reach out at their new address.

The daily alert you receive from RelSci includes news on your contacts and other people of interest. This alert will highlight anyone who has changed roles. From there, click into the contact’s profile to learn more. Any available contact data displays directly below news headlines.

Find the Right Decision Maker at an Organization

RelSci’s core database includes senior decision makers at a wide range of organization types. These individuals often sit on boards, make large donations, and appear in the news. They have large networks and place a lot of value on warm introductions. Sometimes, however, the decision maker you’re looking for may be at a more junior level, have limited public presence, or have a smaller relationship network. This is where our supplemental B2B contact database comes in. This database is available on organization profiles and via Contact Data Search, and includes 20 million contact records for decision makers across seniority levels.

To find the right decision maker at any company, enter that company’s name in Contact Data Search. You will have the option to either select a RelSci-profiled company or enter a keyword.  Keyword searches are valuable when you wish to include all of a company’s similarly-named branches or subsidiaries. Consider adding role filters to narrow down your search.

b2b contact database -search for marketing managers at microsoft
Use Contact Data Search’s company field to find decision makers at any company or organization.

Any individuals with linked names have RelSci profiles, and you can click through to view additional information about them. Any unlinked names are exclusive to our supplemental contact database.

How to Get Started

RelSci users at any subscription tier can access contact data, although certain features are limited to enterprise subscribers. To get started, purchase a credits package via the Contact Data Management page. Each record costs one credit to unlock.

b2b contact database - credit purchase form
Purchase contact data credits to unlock professional email addresses and phone numbers.

If you have any questions about how to set up your account and start using contact data, please contact your account manager (enterprise subscribers) or the support email address (Pro and Lite subscribers). The RelSci Support Team will also be hosting a Contact Data Overview webinar at 2pm ET on October 24, 2018. Register here. If you are new to RelSci and would like to learn more about how our B2B contact database can add value for your business, request a demo today.