Resource Center: Advanced Alerts

Once you have News and Alerts set up in RelSci, take it one step further by customizing for a topic or setting up an advanced search.

For example, let’s say you set up an alert on your client list or your prospect list. However, these individuals are involved in a number of different activities and your news feed is showing too many articles to read through each day. Is there a particular data point or topic that you are looking for in regards to news on your clients and/or prospects?

advanced alerts search

You drill down on your topic by clicking the ‘News Search’ button and then selecting ‘Relationships and Lists’. Then, in the List/Event/Saved Search field you can type in the name of your prospect list or client list. Next, you can apply a topic to this list. For example, let’s say I’m solely interested on News when one of my clients changes jobs, is promoted or joins a corporate board. I can add the topic titled ‘Board and Executive Moves.’  Next up, click the ‘Search’ feature. Now RelSci will show you News that pertain to your clients solely on ‘Board and Executive Moves.’ If this is a feed that you would like to have added to your News and Alerts click the ‘Follow’ button and this customized search will be added to your daily digest moving forward.

You are not limited to one topic when doing this type of search. There are numerous topics to choose from when customizing your news feed. Another popular topic clients use is ‘Donations and Philanthropy’, which allows them to search for individuals or foundations that have recently made a large gift to a non-profit or a university. One other popular topic I’ve seen used is ‘Institutional Holdings Changes’, which notifies you when ultra-high-net worth individuals have sold a large portion of stock.

advanced alerts search results

Another way to customize your news is to set up an ‘Advanced Search.’ To get this set up in your account select the ‘News Search’ button. This is where you can set up customized news feeds on your on relationships, lists, industries, and alumni while filtering by topics, keywords or news sources. This empowers you to prioritize the types of data and news stories that you are looking for. For example, I’ve had one client set up customized alerts for Private Equity Firms in Massachusetts who are involved in IPO’s, Fund Placements & Fundraising, Insider Transactions and Mergers & Acquisitions.

These are just a few examples of ways that our RelSci customers have enabled RelSci news and alerts to fit seamlessly into their work flow. Customize your alert experience to your specifications and liking. If you have any questions regarding alerts or any other RelSci tools please reach out to your account manager or