7 phrases to jumpstart your communications strategy


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1. Play more.

The trick to turning around your org culture may be the same thing that pushes you to beat your best score in Call of Duty. Here’s why gamification is the new powerpoint presentation.

2.  Work you vs. real you.

Why suppressing your real personality at work could be detrimental to your health.

3. Lessons from StoryCorps.

The nonprofit community has been focused on storytelling in recent years–how it can attract donors, boost retention rates and increase mission awareness. But what about the flip side? Here’s how one app is teaching nonprofits the critical importance of listening.

4. 7 phrases your donors want to hear.

It’s a question every fundraising team should ask, though many don’t: What do our donors want to hear from us? Communicating the right information at the right time strengthens relationships and keeps donors coming back. Here are seven phrases to jumpstart your communications strategy.

5. When chit-chat doesn’t work.

For small-talk-obsessed Americans, building business relationships in other cultures can prove as difficult as, well, learning another language. How do you integrate into a foreign workplace when short-term connection is not part of the culture? Simple: start thinking long-term.


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