5 ways to increase online fundraising

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These articles come from the nonprofit RelSci 5, our weekly newsletter for and about organizational leaders. Its curated articles and insights revolve around a different theme each week to help you do your job better. This week’s theme is Intelligence, Online and Offline. 

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Online Fundraising

1. The reason we strive.

Why does the two-time Olympic gold-medal winner go for number three? Why do millionaire CEOs chase the billion-dollar idea? Aside from the usual suspects (greed, endorsement deals, etc.), what is it that fuels the desire for ever more success?

2. Empathy vs. Compassion.

Or, what a psychologist and the Dalai Lama can teach us about emotional intelligence

3. 5 ways to increase online donations.

Is your organization’s digital presence optimized for giving? Here are five ways you can improve your web strategy to maximize your fundraising efforts. Step 1: Go mobile, immediately

4. The problem with data and prospect research.

Ever since someone decided to stick the word “big” in front of “data,” there’s been a temptation among organizations accessing this treasure trove of information to harvest as much as possible. For nonprofits using data for prospect research, this presents two major problems.

5. Add “parent” to your resume. 

Turns out being a parent might be the key to your next job. A new survey shows that employers value the kinds of skills parents employ on a daily basis (hello, patience and multi-tasking!). So, when Junior sticks a penny up his nose, again, try to think of the silver lining–it’s promotion fodder.
Online Fundraising

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Online Fundraising

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