5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Fundraising Efforts with RelSci

With myriad fundraising tools available and limited financial resources and personnel, it can be difficult for a nonprofit to realize the full potential of a particular tool like RelSci to improve fundraising efforts. However, with these below 5 tips, you’ll be well on your way to fully leveraging RelSci:

1. Personalize Your Experience

Relationship capital is a nonprofits’ most underutilized resource. Your board, trustees, donors, and volunteers are a resource waiting to be leveraged. Move away from cold calls and tepid outreach. With RelSci a warm introduction is at your fingertips. All you need to do is load in who you want to leverage. Upload your board members, donors, and personal contacts to create a relationship web and tailor RelSci to your specific needs.

improve fundraising contact sync

2. Stay Smart On Your Cause

Don’t fall behind on news and updates within your cause. Stay up to date on event announcements, donations & philanthropy, and employment & board changes by using RelSci’s “News Search” feature. Create and save unlimited News Sources on everything from your charitable cause to alumni from your alma mater. There is no limit to the number of articles you can access and read via RelSci’s platform, daily emails, or our mobile app. Click here for a full tour.

improve fundraising news alerts

3. Search Our Universe of 8 Million People & Over 1.5 Million Organizations

  • Have a prospect or foundation in mind that you want more information on? Use our smart search bar at the top left of RelSci to pull up their profile, which contains an extensive dossier of publicly-verified information.
  • Don’t have a specific target in mind? Use Power Search to scour our database based on your individualized search criteria. Drill down by city, state, alma mater, donation history, and much more. Cross reference search results with your organization’s network to identify likely prospects. For a comprehensive tour, click here.

improve fundraising power search

4. Prepare for Your Next Event or Business Trip

  • Hosting a gala, dinner, or luncheon? Log in to RelSci to find more prospective attendees and ensure you are not forgetting anyone. Utilize RSVP Search to tap into the potential relationships of your board, executives, and donors.
  • Traveling to an event? Leverage Visit a City to make new connections and ensure that you get in a meeting with local donors.

5. Map Your Prospects’ Relationships

  • Discover how your personal and organizational relationships can connect you to your pool of prospects. Pathfinder empowers you to see connection points from your relationships to that pool. Simply type the target in the “To” field and hit “Show Paths.”
  • Or branch out and explore new pathways by changing the input of both the “From” & “To” field. Uncover connections from your competitors to your prospects, or from your top donor to a foundation. For a complete walkthrough click here.

RelSci is the ultimate prospect research platform for nonprofits. Whether it’s finding your next major donor or keeping track of all the big news in your cause area, RelSci empowers you with the tools necessary to reach out to the right connection at the right time and achieve your organization’s development goals. To see it for yourself, request a demo today.