3 FinTech trends to watch in 2015


The Brief
From casual peer-to-peer payment systems to financial literacy blogs, the financial tech space has been reinvented in recent years. What can we expect to see in fintech for 2015? Well, to start, a focus on people, and their desire for greater transparency, sharability and mobility. As legacy banks and up-and-coming disrupters solidify their strategies for the year, we believe these three trends will be the major catalyst for new fintech offerings.


1. Money management goes social 

FinTech trends

fintech trends


  • Peer-to-peer payment app recently acquired by PayPal that includes a running feed of your friends’ payments.
  • Predicted to reach $90 billion in payments by 2017 
  • Leadership: Iqram Magdon-Ismail, Co-Founder; Andrew Kortina, Co-Founder; Michael Vaughan, COO; James Turnbull, VP Engineering


  • App that aims to help novice investors invest in stocks they already know and like by using their friends’ and their social media activity to recommend stocks. 
  • Leadership: Andy Swan, Co-founder; Brandon Powers, Tech Lead; and Michael Branch, Project Manager


2. The collaborative economy swells 

fintech trends

fintech trends

Rent the Runway:

  • Rent black tie dresses, accessories and more from this fast growing company
  • Revenue is projected to top $50 million in 2014
  • Leadership: Jennifer Hyman, CEO and Co-Founder; Jennifer Fleiss, Head of Business Development and Co-Founder; Beth Kaplan, President and COO; John Rucker, CFO


  • Digital community marketplace for people to rent out, discover and book accommodations around the world
  • Valued at $10 billion, rising to $13 billion with recent employee stock sale
  • Leadership: Brian Chesky, Co-founder; Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-founder; Joe Gebbia, Co-founder; Andrew Swain, Co-founder


3. Financial firms embrace digital (content)


fintech trends


  • Wants to use artificial intelligence to deliver personalized advice to the bank’s wealthiest clients.
  • Leadership: Andrea Orcel, CEO; Nigel Bretton, CFO; Mary Kleckner, Executive Director; Todd Becker, Executive Director   

Goldman Sachs

  • Invested $15 million in Kensho Technologies with one immediate goal being to answer complex financial questions in plain English
  • Leadership: Lloyd Blankfein, CEO; Gary Cohn, President and COO; Harvey Mitchell Schwartz, EVP and CFO; Stephen Scherr, CSO


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