10 networking tech hacks 


The Brief
Last week, we hosted our live #relationshipcapital Twitter chat on the networking technology people use to make new relationships and deepen existing ones. Our experts and fellow tweeters had plenty to say on the topic, and in case you missed it, we’ve collected the ten most interesting nuggets for you. Be sure to check back tomorrow Thursday Nov.13 for some exciting news on new networking tech from RelSci!  


@GaryBelsky: I use email to aid face-to-face networking. Most broad networking sites are a little crude. #RelationshipCapital

@vgnaman: Initial reach out is fine online, but there has to be a time in place for face to face #RelationshipCapital

@GaryBelsky: I first ask my connected friends who they know when I’m trying to “breach” an org’s walls. #RelationshipCapital

@rdwatkins: Many people are open to starting relationships online, fewer 2 business in online only mode. LinkedIn profile helps dev. #trust & #RelationshipCapital

@GaryBelsky: People want authentic engagement and more informed engagement. As long as it’s efficient and not stalkerish.

@vgnaman: But is being e-mail charming like being “real life” charming? So many people have online smarts but don’t have the same skills IRL.

@rdwatkins: I always explore background 1st, share common interests, etc; then find on LI to deepen… #RelationshipCapital

@GaryBelsky: Twitter, aka a strong clue that someone is interested in engagement with strangers. But… 

@GaryBelsky: … when networking on Twitter don’t jump in with an immediate ask. Establish common ground. #relationshipcapital

@rdwatkins: Twitter has shown it has a low threshold for impacting the network, it’s easy to find keywords and people are transparent. #RelationshipCapital

RelSci is a technology solutions company that helps create competitive advantage for organizations through a crucial yet vastly underutilized asset: relationship capital with influential decision makers. 

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